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Fujikura Ltd Japan

The Fujikura Ltd. is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells products for the automotive, energy, and information sectors. The company is divided into four segments – Power Cables and Wire Harness, Electronics Company, and Automotive Electronics Company. The former segment produces power cable and wire harness for automobile use, while the latter provides wiring harness and electrical components for the automobile industry. The remaining two segments provide a variety of other services. Visit Here:

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The company has been involved in the wire manufacturing, research, and development business for more than 130 years. It has been responsible for a number of breakthrough technologies in the field of “tsunagu,” or connecting systems. Through its high-quality products, Fujikura has contributed to the development of various industries, including the automotive and medical industries. The company has a global footprint with subsidiaries in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. Visit The Site:

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Fujikura Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Fujikura Ltd. The company was established on November 28, 1984, and has been in the cable and wire manufacturing business for more than 130 years. OPGW, the company’s telecommunications division, and automotive wire harnesses are some of its main products. In 2009, Draka acquired the company’s American business unit. This acquisition helped the American Fujikura Ltd.’s growth. Read More About:

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