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How Do I Download Instagram Videos and Photos on My Phone?

Despite the fact that Instagram does not allow you to download other users’ photos and videos, there are ways to save them on your phone. Using third-party apps can allow you to do this, though they may ask you to enter your account details and rely on heavy advertising. Thankfully, this method has been around for a while. Continue reading to learn how to save Instagram videos and photos to your phone.

Using an app like FastSave is the easiest way to download Instagram videos and photos. Unlike other free photo-saving apps, FastSave allows you to save photos and videos in a variety of formats, including MP4, MP3 and FLAC. You can even watch these videos offline without the watermark, allowing you to view them later without an Internet connection. In addition to letting you save Instagram videos and photos on your phone, you can also repost them if they don’t contain watermarks. Unlike some other free applications, FastSave has no limit to the number of downloads you can perform; you can download as many as you like.

Another option for transferring Instagram videos and photos to your phone is to take screenshots. The screenshots can be saved in various formats, and the video can be converted to audio or another format using Microsoft Paint. The same procedure can be used to save photos from Instagram, which is also available on PC and MacBook. With the screenshot feature, you can also save a part of the screen or view the website code, which will allow you to copy and paste a video link.

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