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How Long Does My Search People History Last on Instagram?

If you’re constantly searching for people on Instagram, you may have noticed that the results have been cluttered by old searches. To get rid of these results, you can simply clear your history or all searches. You can then check your feed to verify that your searches have been cleared. If you’re still confused about how long your search people history lasts on Instagram, read on for some answers. You may also want to consider making a habit of deleting your top searches on a regular basis.

You can always download your search history from Instagram. To do this, go to your profile settings and tap Security. From here, select the Account Activity and Access Data tabs. To retrieve the data, select Download Data. Once you click on this option, your Instagram account will send you a zip file. The zip file contains the search history. If the file you downloaded is older than six months, Instagram may not have saved it.

While you can clear your search history on Instagram, you can’t change the suggested searches. While clearing your search history will remove all suggested accounts, you can still see some people in your search results. You can also change your default settings to block specific accounts from showing up in your search results. But if you’re still concerned about what your search history means, you can delete your searches and restore your original browsing history.

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