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How to Get the Exact Downloads and Statistics From Google Play

How to get the exact downloads and statistics on Google Play? is a question many developers ask. Unfortunately, the Google Play store app cannot provide this information. Instead, you can use Google Play Console. This tool displays actual app install statistics. This will be very helpful if you are trying to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It also allows you to track app download statistics by individual users and can be useful for determining the number of downloads an app receives.

In addition to the free tool, you can also use Sensor Tower. The company provides a subscription service that will give you more detailed app download statistics. Although, Apple does not publicly publish app download data, developers can access App Analytics to gauge the success of their apps. The platform will give you metrics like user downloads, engagement, app referrals, and crash rates. These statistics are crucial for determining the success of a marketing campaign.

If you want to get detailed statistics about the performance of your app, you can use Play Console. This tool allows you to download monthly reports in CSV format. Once you have downloaded the data, you can then export it to Excel to see the trends. You can compare the statistics of your app with other similar apps. You can also view download statistics for a particular day or month using Google Cloud Storage duysnews .

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