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How to Make an Android App and Put it on Google Play

If you are wondering how to make an Android app and publish it on Google Play, you are not alone. Several developers struggle to find success in this space, and Google Play is no exception. This marketplace is newtoxicwap home to more than 1 billion active users, so you should be aware of the rules and regulations you will need to follow to publish your app. Following the steps below can help you avoid any issues once you have published your app on Google Play.

Once you have completed your application, you should celebrate! You should also put your app on Google Play so that it can be shared with other tnmachiweb Android users. The Google Play store has over 2.8 million apps on the market. Once it is published on Google Play, you can share it with the rest of the world by sharing it on your website or sending it directly to users. To get your Android app published on Google Play, you must register for an account with Google, which costs $25.

Once you isaidubnews have your app ready, you can submit it for review. Once your app has been approved, you will need to create an Apk file and a brief description of its features. If you want your app to be listed on Google, you will need to write a brief description about it and include an image in 1024×500. If you don’t have an i 7hdstar mage ready, you can always create a todaypknews mockup to showcase the features of your app.

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