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How warm does a DeWalt work jacket get?

The DeWalt heated work jacket is one of the most popular heated jacket designs on today’s market—and for good reason. It offers some great specs and special features like extra waterproofing and five heating zones.

Heated jackets are an essential investment for anyone who works in cold or wet conditions. The internal heating pads will keep your upper body warm and dry, ensuring you stay safe and comfortable while on the job.

If you’re wondering how warm the DeWalt work jacket can get, this article will give you all the answers you need. Just keep on reading!

How do heated jackets work?

Heated jackets work in a similar way to heated car seats, gloves, and blankets. Manufacturers build thin wires into the jacket, which heat up as a battery pack passes a low electric charge through them. The wires are separated by a waterproof membrane, ensuring the jacket is safe to use in damp conditions.

While heated jackets can work in rain, they should not be submerged in water, as this can damage the battery.

The location of heating zones differs from jacket to jacket. The DeWalt heated jacket has heating zones around the upper arms, upper back, and left and right chest. Users can toggle the heating function on and off—and select from three heat levels—via a small controller inside of the jacket.

Benefits of heated jackets

Heated jackets won’t just keep you warm and dry—they offer a range of health benefits, too. Wearing a heated work jacket while on the job will:

  • Reduce your chances of injury by loosening your joints,
  • Improve blood flow,
  • Prevent illness,
  • Reduce recovery time,
  • Decrease stiffness and sensitivity,
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility,
  • Increase your overall work performance.

So, if you work in cold environments, investing in a heated jacket is really an investment in your health!

DeWalt work jacket: specs and features to know about

The DeWalt work jacket offers some great specs:

  • Voltage: 20V maximum
  • Heating zones: 5
  • Weight: 1.65kg (3.64lbs)
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Battery & Charger Included: Yes
  • Machine-Washable: Yes
  • Water-Resistant: Yes

The jacket’s durability and water resistance come from its specially-designed outer shell, which repels moisture and retains heat, ensuring workers stay warm and comfortable on the job. It also has a soft fleece lining for extra warmth and heat retention.

How warm does a DeWalt work jacket get?

Across the DeWalt work jacket’s five heating zones, it can reach temperatures of 37.7°C (100°F) within 20 seconds and 55°C (131°F) within a few minutes. If you find yourself getting too hot, you can always choose one of the lower two heating levels to reduce the temperature to a more comfortable level.


If you work in cold or wet conditions and want to stay warm and dry on the job, a DeWalt heated work jacket is a smart investment. Its five heating zones will keep you comfortable as you work while reducing stiffness and decreasing the likelihood of soreness or injury.

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