Strategies for Beating Balmond in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by Redfinger

Balmond is a tank/fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang renowned for having the ability to stay alive in battles while also delivering considerable damage to opponents. He is simple to play and is a great choice for novices just starting out in the game. His abilities are uncomplicated, and his style of play is straightforward yet effective. In the succeeding sections, we will analyze Balmond’s abilities, advised builds, and suggestions for playing him successfully.


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Ease of use makes Balmond an ideal selection for those just starting out. His passive, Bloodthirsty Thirst, gives him the capacity to recoup health after vanquishing minions or heroes. This renders him a powerful adversary who can remain in battles and remain on the battlefield for extended periods.

Balmond’s initial capacity, the Crab Claw Cannon, permits him to launch a projectile that causes physical harm to adversaries in its trajectory. This ability can be employed to annoy opponents from a secure distance or to eliminate fleeing adversaries. It can likewise be employed to quickly clear out minion waves.

Balmond can charge at his adversaries with his secondary capacity, Rum, causing them physical harm and reducing their velocity. This capacity of his can be used in multiple scenarios including launching an attack, chasing away foes and getting away from imminent peril.

Balmond has an ultimate ability that enables him to call forth a large octopus which causes physical harm to adversaries in a large area. This power can be used to inflict considerable damage on multiple enemies in team fights or to secure a kill on an escaping enemy.

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For Balmond to be an effective tank/fighter hero, it is necessary to find a balance between defensive and offensive items. This build is recommended for him and is designed to provide survivability, sustainability, and team support.

For Balmond, the Valkyrie’s Shield should be the first item to be acquired. This item grants Balmond an additional layer of protection due to its passive ability, which can bolster his survivability in combat.

When assembling an inventory for Balmond, Bloodlust Axe should be the second item obtained. This weapon grants some extra damage as well as the passive capacity to remain on the battlefield for extended periods of time.

For Balmond, the third item to acquire should be a pair of Warrior Boots. These give physical defense and additional protection against standard assaults. Versus magic-based adversaries, the preferable choice could be the Tough Boots.

When equipping Balmond, the fourth item should be Blade Armor. This can absorb some of the harm taken from basic attacks, allowing him to stay in fights longer and inflict more damage to foes.

The fifth acquisition for Balmond should be the Oracle. The passive ability of the item provides health regeneration, which will help Balmond to stay strong in combat.

The final item to be obtained for Balmond ought to be Bloodthirsty King. This item gives a remarkable rise to his health and a special passive capacity that restores health when he gets a kill or assist.

Utilising Balmond for a Push

Balmond can also be played with a push-oriented build, which concentrates on clearing minion waves quickly and then taking down towers to put pressure on the opposing team. The article suggests items such as “Cursed Helmet” for area of effect damage on minions, “Rapid Boots” for increased speed and “Windtalker” to enhance attack and movement speed. This build gives up some survivability in exchange for more power while pushing, so gamers need to be careful that they don’t get isolated in team battles.

The article offers a few pieces of advice for using Balmond effectively, both for tank builds and for push builds. It is recommended that when playing as Balmond with a tank build, one should make use of his skills to start fights, take in damage for the rest of the team, and pursue opponents with his ultimate. Additionally, his passive should be taken advantage of to regain health in battle and maintain himself on the frontline.

The piece of writing suggests that push builds should center on eliminating minion hordes promptly and effectively to put the other team under pressure. Balmond’s capabilities can be employed to clear minion swarms swiftly, and his maneuverability with gear such as “Rapid Boots” can be used to move between lanes promptly and demolish towers. It is vital to converse with the team and organize pushes for maximum efficiency.

The End Result

Gaining expertise at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Balmond requires a great deal of practice; however, even a novice with this hero should perform decently. Furthermore, if playing on PC is preferred, the Redfinger Android Emulator can be installed from to accomplish this.

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